Howard Hospital

The State of California requires that Howard Hospital be constructed to resist earthquake damage. There is no bedrock at the site. To stabilize the foundation the state required excavation until soils undisturbed since the last Ice Age (10,000 years ago) were reached!! The resulting pit was over 40' deep. Then all the earth had to be replaced and compacted to create a solid base for the hospital.

Mendocino Construction Services did the work. The top quality aggregate available from Harris Quarry a few miles away was a key factor in the successful completion of this important phase of the Howard Hospital re-construction.

The pictures below are: #1 the groundbreaking ceremony, #2 the MCS scraper making the first cut. #3 Frank Dutra, owner of MCS, at the helm, #4 the immense hole, #5 closeup of equipment in hole, #6 another angle of hole.

We will be posting more pictures of this very important project, Howard Hospital, during the construction phase.


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