Product Glossary

Construction aggregate or simply "aggregate", is coarse particulate material, including sand, gravel, crushed stone and recycled concrete. Aggregates add strength to composite materials such as concrete or asphalt. Aggregates are also used extensively in drainage applications and as base material under foundations, highways, railroads and dams.

Northern Aggregates, Inc. (NAI) has an excellent aggregate supply, principally from Harris Quarry. Precision crushing, screening and washing machinery produces strong aggregates that can meet rigorous state and federal project specifications.


Product Description Application
Rip Rap 1/2 Ton Boulders slope stabilization
Cobbles 24" boulders slope stabilization
Cobbles 12" clean slope stabilization
Cobbles 6" clean ornamental, French Drains
Drain Rock 3" clean ornamental, French Drains
Drain Rock 1-1/2 clean French Drains
Drain Rock 3/4" clean French Drains
Sand Sand, some dirt concrete aggregate
Pit Run unsorted natural mix clean fill
6" clean approx. 6" diameter, rough Drain Rock
3" clean approx 3" diameter, rough Drain Rock
1-1/2: clean approx 1.5" dia.w/random small pcs. "base Drain Rock
3/4" clean approx 0.75" dia. w/random small pcs "base" Drain Rock
1/2" clean approx 0.5" dia. w/random small pcs. "base" French Drains
3" minus approx 3" diamenter, w/random small pieces highway base
1-1/2" minus approx 1.5" diameter w/random small pieces driveway base
3/4" minus approx 0.75" diameter, w/random small pieces fill
1/2" minus approx 0.5" diameter, w/randomsmall pieces fine fill


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