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We are the premier provider of aggregate construction materials and services in Mendocino County.

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Mendocino Rock Products is the collective name for a group of locally owned and operated companies in Mendocino County.

Northern Aggregates Inc. (NAI) owns and operates the Harris Quarry. It provides superior rock products including sand, drain rock, gravel, road base, cobbles and rip-rap. The rock is top quality and meets Cal Trans specifications and is suitable for dam facings. When winter emergencies occur, NAI provides material for rapid storm damage repair in support of public safety.

Mendocino Construction Services (MCS) builds roads and dams. It also can perform specialized site preparation such as the new Howard Hospital compaction project.

Nor-Cal Recycled Rock and Aggregates Inc. supplies concrete and recycled concrete tailored to your job.

Mendocino Paving Inc. (MPI) serves Lake/Mendocino and the surrounding counties. Locally owned and operated. We are ready to transport your equipment. Please call us to make the move!

Northern Aggregates Inc. and Mendocino Construction Services have built many essential projects for our community. In addition to CalTrans work, they have been the key contractors for Centennial Dam, Howard Hospital, the Commercial Street Beautification, and Lake Mendocino dam repair. NAI and MCS also made the Willits Skate Park possible with their generous donations and expert work for this popular public facility for our children.